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Entertainment Schedule

Friday, July 20, Dizdar Park Stage

6pm - Fan Halen, Van Halen Tribute

8pm - Led Zepagain, Led Zeppelin Tribute

Saturday, July 21, Dizdar Park Stage

11am - Mariachi Camarillo, Mariachi

12:30pm - Channel Aire Singers, Acapella Choir

2pm - Yesterday’s Child, 60's & 70’s Classic Rock

4pm - Queen Nation, Queen Tribute

6pm – Forever Rod, Rod Stewart Tribute

8pm - Kenny Metcalf, Elton John "the early years" Tribute

Saturday, July 21, West End Stage

12pm - Jack Zigray, Olddies

2pm - Misunderstood, Classic Rock

4pm – The MiniDriver Band, Classic Rock

6pm – Caught Red Handed, Country

8pm - Jennie Tatum, R&B/Funk/Soul 

Sunday, July 22, Dizdar Park Stage

12pm - Camarillo High School Band, Highschool Band

1pm – Play N Lucky, Soul/Folk Rock

3pm – Beyond Laurel Canyon, A Tribute to 60's & 70’s Classic Rock

5pm – Twisted Gypsy, Fleetwood Mac

Sunday, July 22, West End Stage

12pm - H20 Explosions, Rock & Roll

1pm - La Sirena, Spicy Salsa

3pm - 99 Mondays, Southern Rock/Country

5pm - Brush Arbor, Bluegrass

Events and times may change without notice.

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